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Behavioral Services

KCS Behavior Services are overseen by a dedicated team that includes a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Our highly trained and qualified team is committed to establishing and implementing the principles of applied behavior analysis across various environments. We offer a wide range of services designed to foster skill development, independence, and growth for both individuals in our care and their caretakers.

At KCS, we believe in taking a cohesive and compassionate approach to behavior. We recognize that individuals don’t need to be “fixed” but supported in a way that respects their unique needs and strengths. Sometimes, all it takes to help someone learn a new skill is the right combination of expertise, consistency, and empathy. Our team is dedicated to providing this support, ensuring that every individual has the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential.

If you want to learn more about our behavior services, please email us at [email protected].