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Our Mission

At Karuna Care Services, we strive to build a better future by providing outstanding services that promote fulfillment, independence, and achievement for individuals with all abilities.  Through diverse expertise and authentic relationships, we build genuine connections and advocate for those whose voices often go unheard.

We are driven by values.

Karuna Care Services (KCS) is a service agency that specializes in person centered residential support options. Utilizing various comprehensive funding models, KCS is able to offer unique residential and community solutions that are specifically developed around the needs of the individuals we are privileged to to serve. KCS has extensive experience in working with several residential types of care including that of Family Care Giver, Independent Living, and Host Home models. KCS also has extensive experience in community supports and currently provides Supported Community Connection and Supported Employment. As a small, dedicated agency, KCS is able to offer unmatched supports. Our services are designed to address not only the unique needs of our agency consumers but also that of their family members and others who often times are intricately involved in providing care and support. Our team of highly dedicated staff has extensive experience working with adults receiving services and are experts in providing individually tailored supports.

As a small, local agency, we are advantaged by our ability to respond quickly and uniquely to the diverse needs of the individuals we serve. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide individually tailored supports as needed by our clients. It is in this regard that KCS stands out as service agency.